Kathy Kissik, PLANET X 2022
unique silkscreen
30 x 22.5 inches (76 x 57 cm), framed
1,500 USD
AR View for smartphone/tablet

Kathy Kissik was inspired by the history; from the sentimental (preserving a flower given as a gift from a loved one) to the scientific (keeping a botanical scrapbook to aid in identifying native blooms).
This limited series is comprised of unique silkscreens on Arches 88 gsm. and collage on Strathmore watercolor paper. The artworks utilize ink, spray paint, gel medium transfers, varnish, and negatives used to make the silkscreens. The titles relate to a future world where the art form and sentiment of romance and remembrance continues.

 The style is influenced by Warhol’s flower series, Lichtenstein’s print technique, and her love of combining materials.