Kathy Kissik, IN THE GARDEN, 2022

14 mixed media paintings

“To see a world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour.” William Blake

Nature is truth, a supreme force, and our mother. IN THE GARDEN explores themes of growth, life cycles, and the interconnectedness of all things. The narrative of the series is inspired by myths, religion, and fables. Visually, the cues are Baroque and Victorian, interwoven with elements of Pop.

The mixed media paintings are comprised of photos and paintings, re-photographed, computer manipulated and reborn into new versions of themselves. Each reworking brings variation in color, scale, and direction to the evolution of the body of artwork.

The master triptych, Mother, was the starting point for the entire series and each subsequent painting contains flowers that can be traced back to her with the addition of others, photographed and painted throughout the process. The surfaces maintain a skin like appeal with their undulating textures. The art incorporates oil, acrylic, ink, canvas, Belgian linen, board, gel medium, and varnish. The spaces created are deep with movement. Numerous layers have been meticulously applied to create a translucency of light and color.
Kathy Kissik, PRESSED FLOWERS, 2022

15 unique silkskreens and 2 works on paper

PRESSED FLOWERS were a simple art form that can easily be traced back to ancient Egypt. In the 1500’s Oshibana (the art of pressing flowers in a way to create a whole picture) was meticulous and skilled – with the art becoming fashionable in Victorian England, once trade with the Japanese people increased.

Kathy Kissik was inspired by the history; from the sentimental (preserving a flower given as a gift from a loved one) to the scientific (keeping a botanical scrapbook to aid in identifying native blooms). This limited series is comprised of unique silkscreens on Arches 88 gsm. and collage on Strathmore watercolor paper. The artworks utilize ink, spray paint, gel medium transfers, varnish, and negatives used to make the silkscreens. The titles relate to a future world where the art form and sentiment of romance and remembrance continues.

The style is influenced by Warhol’s flower series, Lichtenstein’s print technique, and her love of combining materials.
Beatricia Sagar, Structure Series, 2019 / 2020

Mixed media

Structure: the relationship or organization of the component parts of a work of art or literature

In this work, Beatricia gives form to what she considers both masculine and feminine elements. She free her mind from which the original idea originates and work with a variety of materials and techniques to take advantage of the accidents as they happen until there is an integrated but unexpected outcome of that idea. Beatricia wants the viewer to move with the line, be seduced by the color and curious enough to want to look again. Since the work is focused on line and somewhat unrelated elements, she wants it to blend with a controlled, but seamless structure. She enjoys, when she can, repurposing pieces of clothing, older paintings, and collages into the work as a kind of unexpected surprise. Some part of each work inspires her next, which begins a new starting point.
Beatricia Sagar, Empty Room Series II, 2018

Mixed media

There’s an empty room within all of us. It exists deep inside where there is no sound, except for the sublime sound of silence where you can hear the beat of your heart. The second series of her “Empty Room Paintings” explores the space inside the empty room as abstract, conceptual and infinite.

Beatricia attempt to allow, discover and describe, the essence of spirit, ignoring preconceived ideas and external influences in order, to be, to exist momentarily in the landscape of the work. Just as breath enters and leaves the body, each color, line or mark appears on the canvas spontaneously with no resistance. The spirit reveals itself in an indescribable connection to life in that moment. It is then an awareness occurs which is usually described as inspiration, instinct, intuition, premonition or gut feeling.

An empty room structure or location is created on the works which offers a pathway or opening through which we as individuals can explore a stream of consciousness, an abstract reality, a free-spirited experience.