“Bea with the Blue Drink” Nan Goldin 1984


Beatricia Sagar is a well known New York and Miami based contemporary artist whose colorful mixed media works can be found in Corporate Collections including The Neiman Marcus Group, Four Seasons Hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and the Grand Hyatt New York.
Her works are often presented in series: Art of Haiku, Vessels, Totems, and Spaces and Places.


2004    Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York, NY

2003   NYC Afordable Art Fair, Jacob Javits Center, Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York City, NY

2003   Black and White Show, Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York, NY

2002   Red Show, Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York, NY

2002   Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York, NY

2001   Joan Mattera and Friends, Art Mecca, Chicago, IL

2000   Emergence, Elaine Benson Gallery, Southhampton, NY

1999   Viewpoints, Upstairs Gallery, Art Center, FL

1999   Three Points of View, Upper Level Gallery, Miami, FL

1998   Square to Infinity and Totem Series, DFN Gallery, New York, NY

1996   Heart, DFN Gallery, New York, NY

1996   Group Show, DFN Galery, New York, NY

1995   Palm Warm Winds, 821 Lincoln, Miami Beach, FL

1994   Voyage through the Palms, Radost FX Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1991   Statue of Liberty, Pan Am Building, New York, NY

1989   Group Show, Seibu, Tokyo, Japan

1986   Happy 100, Limbo Gallery, New York, NY

1985   Little Red Riding Hood, Limbo Gallery, New York, NY

1984   Little Red Riding Hood, Galerie Silvia Menzel, Berlin, Germany


Corporate Art Collections

Royal Caribbean

St. John’s Womens Hospital, Tampla, FL

Federal Reserve Bank of Miami, Doral, FL


Johnson & Johnson

American Express

U.S. State Dept.

MTV Corporate Collection, Miami Beach, FL

Fountainbleu Hotel, Harrah’s Diamond Lodge, San Diego, CA

Hilton Daytona Beach, FL

Hotel Palmillo, La Paz, Mexico

Grand Hyatt, New York City, NY

Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, FL

Marriot Hotel, Orlando, FL

Colonial Bank, Miami Beach, FL

Neiman Marcus Corporate Collection